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to leave his family or what he pays in taxes. host: michael from michigan, the president calling for a tax hike for those who make more than $1 million in the year. what do you think? caller: i think it is about time. steve, i want to tell you about an incident i had. during alcor's campaign, i gave $1,000 to the primary, $1,000 for the general, and $200 for the recant. i was immediately audited because i'm self-employed. since then, i actually dropped off giving donations over. a couple of years later, it happened again in the next cycle. they had people from the irs at threatening me and i paid it. and the following year, she said that i had paid my taxes twice. i will tell you after the arrogance of power, the story of richard nixon and how the irs was used against democratic contributors, and the democratic party should understand that. their contributors are being targeted by the irs. host: another comment from our twitter page. next is how joining us from albany, new york on the independent line. caller: i would first like to -- can you hear me? host: we sure can. caller: no one like
, thank you for calling. caller: i am concerned here in michigan with the layoffs, the $300 million deficit, and they appointed two emergency financial managers. there seems to be waste and fraud and abuse in accountability. i would like to see how no child left the chat -- no child left behind enforced in court and not left to the states. host: so your state is not up to the challenge? caller: that is correct. host: can you give us more specifics? caller: we have a lot of administrators, a superintendent, with the governor that has recently left office, she had controlled for years. they took out almost $1 billion but still we maintained a deficit. the should have file for bankruptcy protection and we would not be in this situation. it does not make sense for kids to go to school and not have supplies and toilet paper. it was a bunch of nonsense. host: the ranking member of the education committee had this to say about obama's decision when it came to the waivers. president obama's efforts represent a dramatic shift -- again, waivers being offered to states to come up with their ow
there. host: grand rapids, michigan. steve, good morning good morning. caller: good morning. i heard your earlier comment about comment about -- i heard your earlier comment about the budget being very small. host: that's what advocates say. in comparison, about $5 billion. it is smaller compared to government's overall budget, as well as corporations. caller: i think you are very naive in the fact that when we want the u.n. to vote our way, we literally drive all these other countries, -- we bribe all these other countries, and we spend millions more than that to get the boat to go our way. when we do get a vote in the u.n., the united states carries the major weight. we use all our supplies, all our troops. you are wrong with the money. host: where did you find this data? where did you find the stated that the u.n. uses money to bribe. the united states, excuse me. caller: there are so many backdoor deals. if you vote our way, we will build you this dam, or we will do this or that. that goes on all the time. host: where have you read that? caller: where have i read that? that's jus
been very useful to democrats in michigan. in the auto industry. so, initially, you have this sort of sense of acquiescence by democrats that, all right, we don't normally offset emergency funding, but to get this through and to avoid another big fight, we're going to do it. but then democrats seemed to sense an opening. there was a newly combative attitude coming out of the white house thaw referred to earlier, and they decided to hold the line on their troops, and they voted against the c.r. in the house, sending the original, in the original vote it we want down to defeat. republicans rallied. they made cosmetic changed to get their people on board. and then the senate, which had been expected to sort of swallow whatever came over from the house, decide that had they would get their back up and that they would block, which they did. so now we're supposed to have a vote on the democrat i go version, which provides extra money in disaster relief without cutting the loan program or the other things that republicans threw in, but that's expected to fail as well. so over the weekend,
away their money. host: let's go to griffin, independent in michigan. caller: i keep hearing about the secretary of warren buffett. i do taxes. i figure if the secretary has a standard deduction, she would have to have an income of 90,000 a year. that would equal his 17.4%. using the word secretary, which is 50,000 on average at best in michigan and using that as an example is very disingenuous. i would like to hear it stop. host: we have a comment on twitter. echoing a the sentiments of a caller a moment ago. caller: i think it is unfair as far as the taxes that the rich pay, which is really nothing. i do not know if anyone has ever watched, because my grandkids watched the sweet 16 parties. it is nothing for them to spend $100,000 for their kids parties and then on top of that really expensive cars. the rich do not fight wars. their children do not go to fight wars. they should pay extra, because we are making them safe and allowing them to have their free will and the expense of the lives. and they can appear -- paid $20,000 for a pair of shoes. it is unfair. that could be a sal
alters tone and tactics." here is one twitter message -- host: doreen, clinton township, michigan. caller: first off, i will vote for president obama. i think he is the most connected president we have ever had. second of all, i am sick and tired of people blaming him for this mess. he did not create this mess, congress created this mess. those people, spending our money, which they should not have been, i think that he needs to get tougher. mr. boehner is nothing but a pompous idiot. he did nothing to help our president. i am sick and tired of what is happening in congress. host: we are running out of time. i will jump in ike -- i will jump in here so that we can get more viewpoints in. you can leave a comment on our c-span page on facebook. here is one -- host: pat, for the duck, california. caller: i believe that he is trying to do everything that he can for the country. mitch mcconnell and all of the rest of the republicans, they need to sit down and try to work together. which president obama has tried to do for some time. it is to the point now where he is a little frustrated. peopl
out and vote. thank you. >> danny from texas. host: david on the republican line from michigan. go ahead. caller: good morning. my first reaction is that obama needs to step down as president because he's failed so miserably and taking the nation into such a wrong direction. he often asks arab leaders that have done the same thing to step down. we should just appoint one of these republicans or tea party people like michelle bachmann or mitt romney or rick perry. to the other callers on the ponzi scheme and social security. i looked up ponzi scheme on wiki and it defines a ponzi scheme as a program like social security. it's part of the modern definition. everybody in the republican party and tea party they have a pretty well unified front talking about cutting taxes and getting rid of obama care which will save our medical across the united states and up lift our nation. the cutting of taxes, here's what happened to me. i was working as an engineer for a major corporation in the united states. the company had to pay so much taxes out that they just folded up and laid off 50,000 p
-- that is a look at "the wall street journal" headlined as women. taking a look as we take the next call. michigan, a cafe, a democrat. caller: i can give you an example of taxes. i am going to be cashing out of my retirement. it is very little, from the state of michigan. 30% between the irs and the federal tax and then i am probably going to be penalized for drawing unemployment -- illegal in the state of michigan. what it will do is amount to 50% tax. the current job that i have -- there are a lot of people will come into the store and buying, and a majority of them are well- to-do. if my employer is what to do. she does not share her wealth. i do not see any poor people coming into the store purchasing anything. and i will be heading off a bank to a food pantry in an hour and a half and i don't see what the people at the food pantry, either. -- will see people at the food pantry. -- wealthy people of the food pantry. there are a lot of well-to-do people in the county and i don't see any philanthropy to the most part. we need to close the loops. in terms of other countries, at the very least th
're familiar with out there. host: michigan, curtis on our democrats line. caller: ok, i'm from michigan. i am a disabled veteran. i got shot up in vietnam. and i'm struggling with the housing market, too. and i'm water. i'm on the water and when they gave me this loan, bank of america took 80% and put 20 with gmac. charge me 11.5% and bank of america is charging me 6.7%. and i'm having problem problems. can't get refinanced. and until president obama or whoever does something about the housing, that's going to be a problem. people cannot afford their notes. and they won't give us a modification or help. i've [inaudible] now he said he's got to help me but i've got to give him $1,000. and i'm scared it's a fraud. i can't afford to give him the down payment. he said he can help me but i've got to give him $1,000. now why? guest: now, i don't know who it is that you're talking to. i should say it sounds like something you should look into before you spend your money. but you're certainly right that loan modification programs are a big topic of conversation because the mortgage issue still a big
this for quite some time, actually. up here in michigan, we truly have lost a full decade. we went through eight years of a democratic governor they came in with all kinds of hopes, kind of like this president. he was going to change things in turn things around, and she came in with a 69% favorable rating. she left with 16%. you just look at detroit. people keep bringing that up and they're absolutely right. it had 50 years of single-party rule and is just terrible. if you want to take a snapshot of what this president is about to do, just take a look at what michigan is at. that's about all i have to say. host: correlation? guest: the second caller is suggested that the whole country is becoming michigan. they are really struggling just economic trends that are arguably better. certainly michigan, and obama's hands in many ways are tied. the biggest determinant will be an economy over which he has very little control. host: from your, and john on hard democrats line. caller: the woman, the 61-year- old lady, who said she thinks this would be the first time that she would not go out and vote. i
an uneducated population. host: dave is a republican from michigan. caller: good morning. yes, the speech sunday -- contained a lot of deficit spending, just like obama always believed in. i am an engineer and i did the calculation of drilling 200 oilwells which, by the way, obama promised he would drill during the election. in anwar and the gulf, it it would be enough money to pay off the national debt in one year. why doesn't obama proposed that? just have the oil companies drill oil and the nation would not have any problem. that is my comment. host: the editorial director of, this is his take. obama puts passion into jobs speech rarely seen in his presidency. that is from aol- sterling, virginia. caller: what i loved about the speech is he reminded us of how we got to be the great country that we are. we provided opportunities to the middle class that and not only allowed us to grow as human beings but grow our economy. and what i see happening or what i worry about the outcome of this speech is that the republicans in their thirst for power of all will
screen. >> this one from new era michigan on our republicans line. caller: basically the reason we have the tax system we have today is because of the supreme court has never accepted a nonburdensome tax. i was hoping to install a seven-year tax strike so one year everybody would not have to pay federal tax one year. that means everyone that works will get one-seventh of what they paid in fica, then the system could raise the tax as high as they want or low as they can by the politician people's vote. they would be able to afford something, and the people would be able to get a rebait from whatever they think they can expense. and hopefully for a gold standard for the united states, hopefully get it down to 99 cents a gallon again. and we can have gas wars again. host: here's a little more from speaker boehner's speech yesterday. caller: tax increases i think are off the table. i don't think they are viable. it is a simple eindication. tax increases destroy jobs. the mission is it to reduce the deficit, threatening jobs creation in our country. we should not make this task harder by ask
, michigan. good morning to you. this is a special edition of "new york post." go-ahead. you are on the air. caller: this is brian, calling about the 9/11 incident. i still believe it was an inside job. i have been studying every piece of footage i could get my hands on for the last 10 years. my conclusion out of my research is that it was a distraction. the buildings coming down, the two tower is coming down was a distraction. host: what happened to the people on board those flights? caller: there is true that they were let off somewhere else. host: caller, i'm one to stop you there. we're not going to spend the morning dealing with things that are completely fiction. we will deal with the facts and get your comments and reflections. caller: good morning. it is nice to speak with you today. can you hear me? hello? good morning? host: go ahead. caller: my memory is of september 9, 2001, c-span. i called during the 7:00 hour. you had a speaker who was advocating for the closure of overseas bases. i called in to voice my opinion that those overseas bases should not be called -- closed, that o
.s. constitution in your daily life today on constitution day. our first call comes from michigan. tom on our line for democrats. caller: good morning. thanks for c-span. glenn: thanks for calling. glenn: thanks for calling. tell us about the significance of the constitution in your daily life. caller: every day i think about living in one of the worst neighborhoods in downtown detroit and listening to people [inaudible] talking about the second amendment, the right to bear arms. and when you're sitting in your own house, your own apartment, whatever it is, your crib, whatever you call it, you listen to this night after night, month after month. and i finally bought a gun. i was finally tired of wondering if i would be waking up with somebody busting into my apartment. so that drives every thought i have on a daily basis whether i can have a gun and carry it and protect myself when i go to the bank with large sums of money. glenn: next, tennessee on our line for republicans. paul on the "washington journal." caller: good morning. i've got something to say sir. i want to make two points. our countr
. harry, michigan. caller: we have a president, a strong president that has been fighting hard to do these things. the first time that our president, barack obama, stepped into office, mitch mcconnell and john von declared war on him. we have a president that is working hard. republicans keep bringing down the country, because they want the country to fail, because we have a strong president that was doing the right thing. the tea party really wanted to do something that was the american. and american jobs plan, putting a million people back to work in six months. that is all that they have to do. they have to stop following mitch mcconnell. these guys have been in the house for over 50 years. host: here is an e-mail from a viewer that questions the premise of our question, or the ."estion from "usa today "who said the government is broken. broken and how? stephanie, good morning. caller: first, the government is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. we are supposed to recognize that the government is for the people. [unintelligible] can anyone tell me that
, you can also send us a tweet -- from jeremiah,ar and independent from michigan. what do you think? caller: i think if any presidential candidate needs to use smoke and mirrors, then all voters should be aware. i think they should hit on every race and not just pick out one and do what is right for everyone. if we don't do anything now, then there will be nothing but words in the end. i have a jobs plan that would give $12 million per state -- and i don't understand why the president himself can come up with something better than he does, by cutting programs and not really fixing the problem. host: jeremiah, we will leave it there. lewis is a republican from cherry hill, new jersey. caller: let's cut right to the chase. republicans and democrats have no interest in any kind of reform because of all the illegals that use illegal social security cards. they don't get their taxes back. billions of dollars every year. that said, i work in the landscape business. i have worked with latinos for 20 years and they are great people. i have no -- known guys, i consider them part
-- other world religions, 0.3%, unaffiliated, 16%. next is a caller from hillsdale, michigan. good morning to our caller, david, a republican. caller: my feeling on that is the that our president barack obama is a muslim and he professes the teachings of his pastor for many years, jeremiah wright, who has kind of become famous of making the statements of g-d america, and i think as a muslim obama is sworn to bring the u.s. -- u.s. -- usa down. host: you are taking us off track about the discussion about candidates face and your vote. looking into election year, how important is it for a candidate to express his or her faith? caller: i would like to hear that. i think it should be brought out, what their faith is. like i said, obama is kind of, well, disingenuous and lying to us because he is a devout muslim. host: thank you for your call. hills there, michigan. jim is on twitter and he sends us of this message. next is a telephone call from chicago. kathleen, democrat. caller: thank you so much. i listened to your statement about does a candidates faith affect my vote. it should. if you li
are at it. the gentleman from michigan is right, we are like argentina, we are like greece. there are very few people -- some of the tea party people are about the only responsible people up there now that i can see. there are a few others, but most of them could care less. they want a vote, and they will do anything for a vote. to me that has been the saddest thing to sit and watch for 78 years. guest: will rogers says there is only one inherently criminal class in america, and that is politicians. the sentiments we hear today are not real new sentiments, but they have taken on the edge and anchor we're not seen in the past 30 or 40 years. americans are afraid there were to lose their jobs and homes. if you are 45-year-old man who has done everything right -- have a couple of kids come to make payments on your house and you lose your job, there is a very good chance you will not be rehired for that job. as someone younger will get the job when and if it becomes available, because the company will save money on that. we are creating a class of people, long-term unemployed that we have not
in indiana and michigan. how did he do? "guest: third place, 14%. this is a solid showing for romney, considering, and the have to -- he has to be happy that rick perry did not a hit a homerun. he and rick barry are leading in the polls. the romney support comes from the jacksonville area. he is certainly still in the game here. host: thank you so much for being with us. our question this morning is about the small donor impact on presidential campaigns. let's look at the other political news right now. this is from "the washington post." westchester, new york on our independent line, good morning. caller: good morning. host: welcome. caller: a want to say that i did not vote for obama because i was not a citizen. this time around i am. i would also make a contribution to him. host: why would you make a contribution? how much are we talking about? caller: it does not matter how small it is because so many millions of people who can donate -- host: see it heading up. tom, republican, in geneva, wisconsin, good morning. caller: how come you are taking three and four liberal colors in a
and nevada, 10% higher ar in the southeastern area and michigan. 8% to 9% are green and a good majority of them there. the blue charts have unemployment rates of 6% to 7.9% so lower than the national average. those lucky states through here and vermont and new hampshire in pink have 5.9% or lower unemployment. can you speak to -- i know you gather the numbers on the unemployment but what is going on in those states that are at the end of the spectrum? it is hard to say because obviously it is dependent on the local economies in the state. some of them are states that have particular problems with the housing market, big do downturn. some manufacturing is involved. a lot of job loss was concentrated in manufacturing and construction. those two combined for over half the job loss during the recession. so states that had a lot of manufacturing and big downturn in housing construction were hard hit. host: do you know what is going on with vermont and new hampshire? they are doing well compared to their regional neighbors. we will take calls then come back and look at employment and particu
on the tea party that took place in iowa. first up, a caller from detroit, michigan. good morning. go ahead. caller: good morning. first off, i want to say thank you for reading two of my tweets earlier. that was nice. host: a tweet and a phone call. caller: i know, right? i wanted to ask, what happened to the cartoons? to the cartoons? you used to do cartoons. can you bring the cartoons back? host: certainly. thanks for the call. missouri. open phones. go ahead. caller: hi. i hope that the republicans will bring up during the debate and in dialogue about the wasted stimulus money, where the money went, how many jobs it actually created when obama gave that green energy $500 million a year ago that is now bankrupt. i want to know where that $500 million went. also, for them to do green energy in other countries, for instance the solar energy in foreign countries. we need to find out what happened to all those trillions trillions of stimulus money and what jobs they actually created. >> host: caller from merietta, georgia. go ahead. caller: what i find consistently from the politicians that
-term democratic governor of michigan. daniel is her co-author on her new book "a governor's story: six ways to create jobs" is the article. incentives to repatiate those foreign earnings. another suggestion, put half of those proceeds toward a blockbuster jobs race to the top modeled on the highly effective education race to the top. number three, invest the remaining proceeds towards capitalizing in infrastructure bank. and number four, lower the nation's corporate tax rate from 35% to 25% and pay for it by streamlining the tax code and eliminating loopholes. those are some of the suggestions made by former governor jennifer granholm. and from human events this morning, john hayward has an op-ed column. bloomberg news offers a sneak peek at president obama's next big pivot to job creation. of course it's stuff you've heard before because it's the same program of miserable failure he's done since he's gotten to the oval office. the dream that obama refuses to let go of is infrastructure spending. most obviously it gives big government a perpetual excuse for spending boat loads of money. not
a couple of million. to darryl ino sterling heights, michigan. caller: good morning. thank you for letting me be on c-span this morning. the debate tonight with mitt romney, feels like and like the back when ross perot -- excuse me, pat the cannon was having a tough time getting on these debates. we had a candidate on your channel, buddy roemer. i loved what he did in front of the chinese embassy in washington. i would love to see on c-span. he is very interesting and i think he gets to the root of the problem that we negotiated poorly. we need to get those things revised and get america back on with the rest of these third- world nations. about mitt talk romney and trade. host: san diego, california, priscilla, democratic line. caller: regarding that romney, depending on which way the wind blows, he changes his economic ideas, giving tax breaks to the wealthiest americans in this country, that money is there to create jobs. for the first time in american history, you have more equal amounts of american money on the sidelines as it is in the stock market. here you have romney wanting to be
continued our questions with michigan. ed, you are on the washington journal. caller: i would like to make three remarks. sir, you have been on of the programs on cnn, and you leave the impression that bill clinton could have gotten osama bin laden. he launched missiles into their training camp, but there was an airplane that landed there and there was a tall man with garbs on sitting next to a plan with arabic markings. it was possible that saudi or uad prints were on that plane, and did not want to take the chance of killing somebody else. the other remarks is that special forces had bin laden pretty well in their markings. as the head of special forces, he requested a little more money and men, and at the same time, bush told general franks makeop everything toand to plans to go into iraq. those are my remarks. i would appreciate your remarks. guest: he certainly had a chance to kill osama bin laden in february and march of 1999. i think what you do not know is mr. clinton was about to authorize the sale of $8 billion worth of f-16's to the king of he crown pince orince of the united ar
detroit, michigan, eldin. caller: good morning. i'm right with you on everything. it doesn't seem like republicans and democrats are on the same page as far as putting this country back to work. republicans are fighting, just fighting everything. no, no, no. i'm interested in -- as far as the lobbyists and wall street, they have a stranglehold on the house and senate that nobody can get on the same page. everybody is hurting bad, exactly like you have said. guest: the short answer to your question about lobbyists, the answer is yes, unfortunately. c-span wentnews, down the list of all of the corporations who have made contributions the would affect the work of the supercommittee. unfortunately -- linda give you an example -- let me give you an example. are you a basketball fan? imagine five players to one. i think it was like five lobbyists -- host: giving a full-court press? guest: to walk up the steps of the capital just to be able to vote. it was like it was gone wild. we have a country, a judgment call about 10 minutes ago, he is right -- a judgment call to and about 10 minutes ago
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